The Augusta Rule

We help small business owners keep more of their money by using their home for business events.

Small business owners are the economic backbone of the United States.

Which is why small businesses carry so much of the regulatory pressures and tax burden from the government.


Those pressures, combined with staffing shortages and soaring prices for goods, make it harder than ever for businesses to function while still being profitable for their owners.


As owners, we know that if we can’t financially justify our businesses’ existence, we’ll have to shut our doors. And then the backbone of America’s economy will fail.

Our platform allows you to leverage the tax code so you can strengthen your bottom line.

About Nethaniel

Nethaniel Ealy lives in Idaho with his wife and five kids, and has been a small business owner for nearly 20 years. He began his career in construction, first as a laborer, then as a foreman, then as a project manager. After getting fired as a project manager, he decided to start his own company, bringing on five others to round out his team.

Over the years, he’s learned the ins and outs of how to run a business properly — and discovered his own strengths and limitations. He realized that his own abilities made him better suited to run things behind the scenes, so he eventually put his hammer down for good and dedicated himself 100% to running his business as well as he could. 

But he found that no matter how well-oiled the company was, it and Nethaniel were both losing tens of thousands of dollars to taxes every year. Not content to simply accept the situation, he dove headlong into the world of tax strategies and tax code compliance to figure out how to maximize his deductions and savings without committing any tax violations.

One of the most impactful strategies that he discovered was the Augusta Rule. In 2017, he began to leverage this underutilized part of the tax code and since then, he’s used it to pay himself tens of thousands of dollars, tax-free, every year. Now, he’s trying to help business owners just like him reap the same benefits.

John “I enjoy reading case law” Hyre

John Hyre is an attorney, accountant & investor. For the first seven years of his career, he worked at two large accounting firms and as Tax Counsel for a Fortune 500 Company.

John gets corporate-level taxes. For the last 18 years he has run both an accounting practice and tax law practice. He has worked extensively with small businesses, real estate investors of all sizes, note investors and self-directed retirement accounts. He has prepared thousands of tax returns, helped thousands of clients with tax planning & tax reduction, fought the IRS in audits and in court and assisted clients in fighting IRS collection of taxes owed.

He has also invested in mobile home parks, low-income rentals and a few flips. John has written three home study courses and numerous articles and is a frequent speaker on the taxation of real estate and IRA’s. He has successfully defended clients, including those with IRA issues, in audits and in Tax Court.